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VIP Money Changer and Remittance


Money Changer, Foreign Currency Exchange

Our highly competitive foreign exchange rate is the key to our success. We obtain global FOREX data sourced from varieties of worldwide contributors in real-time. By combining the global FOREX data with our local retail rate, we are able to produce the true FOREX rate snapshot.

Remittance, Money Transfer Worldwide

We remit most major currencies to all over the world. Intercontinent transaction has never been this simple and affordable. At VIP, we tried our best to provide you with the most competitive rate you can find in the city and even better, we can remit it for you at very affordable price.

Corporate Forex Transaction

We have been serving corporations all around West Java to help them with their business needs. We are confident that we can offer you highly competitive exchange rates and services for your business. Find out how we may help your company to reduce your business cost. Contact us at support @ vip.co.id with your business needs.

Mon - Fri8:30am - 5:00pm
Sat - SunClosed

AUD 10,095 10,125
CNY 2,115 2,122
EUR 16,160 16,190
GBP 18,875 18,945
HKD 1,813 1,820
JPY 127.80 128.50
MYR 3,475 3,495
SAR 3,780 3,800
SGD 10,515 10,535
USD 14,205 14,235

19-Mar 17:00