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Who We Are

VIP Money Changer has been a leading foreign exchange dealer in Jakarta since 1995. Maintaining a good reputation is not an easy task to do--we do our best to keep you, our customers, satisfied. We updates our business models on the go to match your satisfaction criteria. As a result we have proudly been serving our community for decades and counting.

The Indonesian Central Bank recognized VIP Money Changer as an authorized foreign exchange dealer (Indonesian Authorized Foreign Exchange Dealer). We know our product well (authenticity and quality) to make sure that you buy with confidence.


We try our best to always utilize cutting edge technology to do business. We began by obtaining real-time global market data as part of our FOREX composition, followed by adding our online presence through this web site, as well as our official Facebook page and Twitter account.

Mon - Fri8:30am - 5:00pm
Sat - SunClosed

AUD 10,095 10,125
CNY 2,115 2,122
EUR 16,160 16,190
GBP 18,875 18,945
HKD 1,813 1,820
JPY 127.80 128.50
MYR 3,475 3,495
SAR 3,780 3,800
SGD 10,515 10,535
USD 14,205 14,235

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