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VIP Money Changer and Remittance


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Founded in 1995, VIP Money Changer has been one of the market leaders for FOREX in Jakarta. We move fast and grow even faster. This energy sourced from our highly talented individuals like you, who helped us to grow. We have carefully designed our business model and our working environment to make sure that there is always a room for you to grow and learn. At VIP, we see your potential differently, we highly encourage you to apply!

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When you're ready, send your CV / Resume, Cover Letter and Recommendation Letter (optional) to career @ vip.co.id. We will contact you whenever there is a match!

Mon - Fri8:30am - 5:00pm
Sat - SunClosed

AUD 10,095 10,125
CNY 2,115 2,122
EUR 16,160 16,190
GBP 18,875 18,945
HKD 1,813 1,820
JPY 127.80 128.50
MYR 3,475 3,495
SAR 3,780 3,800
SGD 10,515 10,535
USD 14,205 14,235

19-Mar 17:00